CCSN agencies keep our seniors

Home, and not alone.

We support seniors so they can happily stay in their homes and out of hospitals and care facilities.

Seniors who stay at home, thrive at home.
We help make that happen.

“Tom’s great company. He’s especially good at whistling the old show tunes I taught him.”
“I walk from my front door to the river and back every day regardless of the weather.”
“My kitchen is where I eat, where my kids played cards, debated too loudly and did their homework.”
“In spring the hummingbirds fly to the feeder I hung as close as I could get it to my den window.”
“I spend a lot of time in my big old chair, doing the crosswords and humming.”
“On cold days I sit by my fireplace with a book. I keep the fire going until I’ve read 6 chapters.”
“My husband and I always cook dinner together in our kitchen. We take turns chopping.”
“The view out my back window isn’t the prettiest, but I’ve sketched it at least a dozen times.”
“On hot days I set water out for the neighbourhood dogs so I can meet them and their owners.”
“I grow such beautiful roses in my garden. Often, I put the nicest ones in a vase for my neighbour.”

“I would miss so many things. Firstly, would be my independence, privacy, cooking and lastly the comforts of home.”

- A senior living at home


Are you a senior living at home and looking for support?

CCSN connects seniors and their caregivers to services including meal delivery, help around the house, respite and daytime activities. We also provide support for seniors with dementia and other health conditions.

There are things you can do to help too.
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